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Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of children aged two to five and adults dressed as animals holding in a banner in a parade. The banner says "The Children's Place, Laugh, Play, Learn"

The Children's Place Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you accept children in diapers?

A: Yes, although there is an additional monthly charge. TCP supplies the wipes and parents supply the diapers. Our staff will also help with potty training when the child is ready.

Q: Where do the children play outside?

A: We have a large yard with numerous play structures, a sand box, a garden, play houses, tricycles and coupe cars to drive.

Q: Where do the children play when it is raining?

A: We have access to a large multipurpose room, Mahany Hall with space to run or play with a variety of toys. Children are given the choice of either quiet or high-movement activities.

Q: Do the children go on field trips?

A: Yes, each month the children have some type of special activity. We try new things during the year. We have visited a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, and Coyote Point museum. We usually rent a school bus for the day. On alternate months, we have visits from Marine Science, Frankie & Friends, ponies, Wildlife Associates and others.

Q: What types of extra activities are available for the children?

A: At The Children's Place, we provide various opportunities for children to engage in music and sports activities. Our music program is enhanced by the weekly visits of our music teacher, while we offer weekly sports classes for an additional fee. We also hold annual events such as a holiday show, a Thanksgiving potluck luncheon, a Mother's Day tea party, a Father's Day soda party, and participate in the Hometown Days parade in May. Additionally, children are given daily opportunities to participate in activities such as cooking, science, music, and movement.

Q: Do you have a religious program?

A: The Children's Place, established in 1981, is affiliated with the Community United Church of Christ as a charity. However, the curriculum is open to all members of the community, as the church believes in welcoming everyone. While we acknowledge and discuss the various ways families celebrate holidays, we do not teach the specific religious or cultural meanings behind them.

Q: How much time is spent outside vs. inside?

A: As we are fortunate to have a spacious yard, approximately half of our program takes place outdoors. This provides us with an excellent opportunity to encourage healthy living through play and physical activity. The children are provided with abundant time to play and discover in the outdoor environment, as well as to create and explore in the indoor learning environment.

Q: What is nap time like at The Children's Place?

A: Each child is provided with their own cot, along with a bag for storing their bedding and any special items they may need. Our team wipes down the cots on a weekly basis, while the bedding is sent home for families to wash. Nap time begins after lunch, during which children are required to rest quietly on their cots. Once all the children who need to sleep have drifted off, quiet activities such as reading, drawing, and small manipulatives are allowed. From 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., it's nap time, and at 2:00 p.m. the children who are awake can play outside with our staff. Between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m., children start waking up from their nap.

Q: What is TCP's commitment to the environment?

A: We are THRILLED to share we are a Green Business! TCP is committed to taking action to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and encourage conservation through our every day actions. Kids are sustainability champions they are taught to properly sort their waste and be mindful of their environment. We also use non toxic products to ensure the safety of our children, teachers and environment. TCP is Green Certified by the California Green Business Network.



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